Western York County Agriculture Arena

The Western York County Agriculture Arena is a project born from a shared vision of collaboration and community enrichment.

Formed in September 2023, the Agriculture Arena Steering Committee brings together individuals from York School District One, Clover School District, York County 4H, and our dedicated community. Together, we envision a space where students can thrive, school programs can flourish, and organizations like 4H and FFA can find a true home. The committee meets monthly and is focused on providing an agriculture arena that will benefit all youth in York County.

Now, as we approach the realization of this vision, we invite you to join us in this transformative journey. The Western York County Agriculture Arena will not merely be a physical structure, but a beacon of opportunity and possibility for generations to come. With access to a venue like this, our students will no longer face the burden of traveling long distances for livestock shows and events but instead have access to an arena right here at home in York County. The arena will serve as a hub for engaging hands-on learning experiences, fostering leadership skills, and nurturing lifelong connections.

With approximately 90 acres of land generously provided by York School District One, located across from Hickory Grove Sharon Elementary, the stage is set for something truly extraordinary to take root. More than just a building, the Western York County Agriculture Arena has the potential to be a catalyst for growth, a hub of innovation, and a testament to what can be achieved when communities unite behind a common cause. The renderings below provide an image of what we dream of building for the youth of York County. 

But we cannot do it alone. Your support is crucial in turning this vision into reality. By contributing to the Western York County Agriculture Arena, you are investing in the future of our youth and the strength of our community.

Let’s work together to build a brighter future for the youth of York County. Join us in creating not just an arena, but a legacy—a testament to the power of collaboration and the limitless potential of our dreams.  

Statistics for York County

Our total impacts are estimated to be 4,500 youth this year throughout York County with at least 6 hours of 4-H curriculum.

For more information and updates on the Western York County Agriculture Arena, please visit www.wycaa.org